• Me: -sitting at computer wearing my Legalize Gay t-shirt-
  • Secretary: -comes up, squints- Why do you have so many shirts like that?
  • Me: I only have one shirt like this.
  • Secretary: Well, you have buttons and other stuff.
  • Me: I'm passionate about queer issues. I have a lot of queer friends, so ...
  • Secretary: You're FOR it.
  • Me: Yeah!
  • Secretary: Hmm.
  • Me: The Defense of Marriage Act was overturned today.
  • Secretary: Yeah, I saw. -walks away-
  1. rubberrings said: lol also, all my very close minded christian friends are speaking in an annoyed “hmm” tone today so my sarcastic tone has gone up a few notches. this post is basically the perfect example.
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