Two shows in two days! I’m so tired from all the sunburn and walking at Pride. I want to sleep, but there’s a cast party. When everyone mingles after a show, I busy myself backstage so I don’t have to talk to anyone. Introvert life.


Andrew Bird

No one can break your heart, so you break it yourself. 

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#tbt perfect art gallery perfect human I miss Savannah art by Tiffany Cash

#tbt perfect art gallery perfect human I miss Savannah art by Tiffany Cash

Balance is hard: work, sleep, friends, family, food, theatre, longreads, hygiene, boyfriend? (In no particular order)


I’ve made good on my vow not to buy any books in 2014 (save for Lumberjanes and The Holy Ghost People because when your friend starts his own publishing company you support him) but it’s getting really hard.

Articles Read & Loved no. 78


(my friend RVT found this delightfully flavored/typo-ridden pack of gum)

Here are some longreads for ya.

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St. Vincent in Rolling Stone [x]

St. Vincent in Rolling Stone [x]

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This one comes home tomorrow.

This one comes home tomorrow.


love u gurl

important role model/love of my life

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Mom texted me, “call me as soon as you can.” I ran upstairs; she would never text me something like that unless it was an emergency. I immediately thought of my dog, Sandy, and also my grandparents. It was my dog. Sandy has cancer. She’s not in pain. My mom cried and cried on the phone. I’m crying as I write this. Her lab results come back tomorrow. I told my mom to leave work and go home. Sand dune. Sandy. Sando. My sister doesn’t know yet. I kept saying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. “I just thought we’d get a year with her,” my mom sobbed. Sandy is old but she is our favorite. She is sweet and calm, so small with the bark of a Great Dane. And now, sick. And dying. “I just don’t know what to do.” Sanderella. I never held you enough. I was always on my way out the door, or Tucker got in the way. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This hurts so much.