Guess what shaggy-haired nerd turned in her two weeks’ notice today?! THIS nerd!

Guess what shaggy-haired nerd turned in her two weeks’ notice today?! THIS nerd!



Each year I know less about myself
but the insurance company knows
how much my life is worth.
This is for those who suffer & endure
& laugh about it later.
Someone asked, “where do you get
your news from if you don’t have a teevee?”
It is 7:36 a.m. & I have been awake
all night. I am pushing forward,
caffeinated & reminding myself:
don’t be busy. Busyness is the enemy
of art and life. Spring is here, it is
Saturday. The clouds make shapes & go.

-Gina Myers


Wearing kevintumbles Greendale Community College sweatshirt until I feel better. I think I need a new heart.

Wearing kevintumbles Greendale Community College sweatshirt until I feel better. I think I need a new heart.

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I will hold you:
everything’s going to be fine.

I will whisper.
It won’t always be like this.
I am going to buy you a sandwich.

—Franz Wright (via sarahjeanalex)

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My moleskine is almost full! It’s almost time to start a new notebook! Will I buy one like the impulsive teenager I am or use one of the millions I ready own!

Last night I dreamed I forgave you and smelled you and congratulated you. I dreamed your parents liked me, really liked me. I woke up thinking about you, which I don’t like. I don’t like mourning your healing. I don’t want to be that obsessive old girlfriend. I’m glad you don’t use the internet much. I wish you well, but I’m glad I don’t have to see it yet, and I know I will eventually see it mirrored in other people. It’s been almost six months and you’ve said nothing. I suggested the clean break and I don’t regret it. I’m not sure I can do the thing that Fitzgerald talked about, holding two opposing viewpoints and believing neither or both or whatever.

Tonight is one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties and I’m so excited. But I am aware that all of my friends have lost weight since graduating college and I’ve put on 10 or 15 pounds, which is good! Because I wasn’t really eating my senior year! But the outfit that I am wearing tonight and really excited to wear! Is definitely going to show that. And that I am kinda hairy and pale. And I want to own that. And be okay with that. I’m learning to like myself and looking different.


Live Through This turned 20 today

- Hazel

I bought this album today at my local record store & I didn’t even know this fun fact. So happy.

I’m tired of job interviews and this job and not wearing my slouchy hat. I am my slouchy hat. I want to wear it all the time again. Everyone at work can tell I’m interviewing for other jobs because I NEVER dress up for work. They make snide comments. I just want jeans and my slouchy hat.


the dream

I’m running so so so late to work this morning but I’m wearing a skirt Joanna might like and I love this couple a lot

comedy longreads


Hey, I’m curating even MORE longreads—-this time, for The Annual, the comedy magazine I edit-at-large. Here’s this week’s picks:

Small-town Jamestown, NY garners big-name support (think Seinfeld, Aykroyd, Burnett) in pursuit of its comedy dreams: transforming the museum dedicated to hometown hero Lucille Ball into a million-dollar home for modern-day and up-and-coming comics.
2. "Comedy Crush: Liza Dye, ‘SNL’ Ready." (Brittani, Autostraddle)

3. "So Funny It Hurts." (Eric Anthony Glover, Racialicious) 
In the wake of the #CancelColbert fiasco, I searched for solace and found this thoughtful piece written earlier this month before by a queer, black man who loves comedy and likes Louis C.K. Here, he writes about C.K.’s occasional use of slurs in his stand-up. It explores the messy lines between identity, intention and the things we love.
4. "What Out-of-Town Writers Need to Know About San Francisco." (Joe Garofoli & Peter Hartlaub, SFGate)
The authors want to help you write your best trend piece. You know, the one that’s been written literally dozens of times already: We know why you’re here. Your editors want the story, it’s freezing where you’re from and you want that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expense a night at Mission Control, the sex club for techies.”

Read The Annual! Funny words! For your brain.

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Shannon took some sneaky photos of photos.

Shannon took some sneaky photos of photos.

There is no more space in my brain.

I removed my chipped black nail polish for this informal interview. I am adult?

Thanks for the memories, Savannah. Thanks for driving everywhere, kevintumbles. ❤️